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Shelby NC sheds are great for storing your yard and garden equipment! They can help you organize that messy garage or just store your junk! Shelby NC sheds specializes in affordable quality metal, wood, aluminum or vinyl sheds that can be customized to fit your needs! we also offer gazebos, horse run in sheds, metal carports, steel buildings, metal barns, pole barns and utility buildings. Whether your looking for a new storage building, shed, workshop or garage we have you covered at Shelby NC Sheds! So if your looking for a great portable wood, metal or vinyl shed, storage building, steel workshop or metal garage at a great price you have come to the right place! Call toll free
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Size        Cash Price    

8x10         $1675.00      
8x12         $1790.00
8x16         $2375.00
10x10       $2125.00
10x12       $2265.00
10x16       $2735.00
10x20       $3395.00
12x16       $3385.00
12x20       $3885.00
12x24       $4465.00
12x28       $5160.00

Wood A-Frame Shed Pricing
Wood Utility Sheds
Size        Cash Price   

​8x10         $1995.00​       
8x12         $2125.00      
8x16         $2450.00       
10x10       $2375.00
10x12       $2595.00
10x16       $3055.00
10x20       $3675.00
12x16       $3770.00
12x20       $4230.00
12x24       $5060.00
12x28       $5810.00

Wood Lofted Barn Pricing
Size        Cash Price    

​8x10         $1575.00
8x12         $1690.00
8x16         $2150.00
10x10       $1925.00
10x12       $2045.00
10x16       $2455.00
10x20       $2975.00
12x16       $3185.00
12x20       $3725.00
12x24       $4365.00

Wood Utility Barns NC
Wood Min Barn Pricing
                        Bent Bow Style Standard 6' Leg                                                                             A-Frame  Standard 7' Leg​
                      8x8     (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1195                                                                      8x8    (1)4'x6' Walk in Door $1395
                     ​ ​​8x10   (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1395                                                                      8x10  (1)4'x6' Walk in Door $1595
                      8x12  ​​ (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1595                                                                      8x12   (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1795
                      8x14  ​ (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1795                                                                      8x14   (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$
                      8x16   (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1995                                                                      8x16   (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2195
                      10x10 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1595                                                                     10x10 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1795
                      10x12 ​​(1)4'x6' Walk in Door$1895                                                                     10x12 ​​(1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2095
                      10x14 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2095                                                                     10x14 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2295
                      10x16 ​(1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2295                                                                     10x16 ​(1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2495
                      10x20 ​(1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2795                                                                     10x20 ​(1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2995
                      12x12 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2395                                                                      12x12 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2595
                      1​​2x16 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$2895                                                                      12x16 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$3095
                      ​1​​2x20 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$3295                                                                      12x20 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$3495
                      ​1​​2x24 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$3695                                                                      12x24 (1)4'x6' Walk in Door$3895
Extra Options
4'x6' Entry Door​   $300
24"x38" Windows​  $150

Building Anchors  $150 ea

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North Carolina NC Sheds North Carolina NC Metal Sheds

Painted Buildings  $225
​​​​​2'x3' Window  $75
​3'x3' Window  $855'
​5'x6' Roll-Up Door$300 
​8'x7' Roll-Up Door $375 
​9'x7' Roll-Up Door  $425​
10x12 Bent Bow
​(Shown with 5'x6' Roll-up Door)
10x16 A-Frame Bow
(Shown with 5'x6' Roll-up-Door)​